Wednesday, October 27, 2004

School Psychologist Gets Jail Time

The New York Post has this item concerning a school Psychologist that has been sentenced to 90 days in the pokey for second degree child abuse.

Lloyd Slater, 56, was employed in Public School 146 in New York City. The jail term resulted from allegations that Slater had fondled three female students, ages 11 to 13.

The EdWonk thinks that this man deserved much more than he was given. On the other hand, disgraced ex-teacher Mary Kay LeTourneau (a female) was given no jail time when she was initially convicted (on a charge of Child Rape) for having sexual relations with her 12 year old student. (She consequently repeated the offense, and only then was sentenced to a term of 7.5 years.)

As a society, we need to send a message that our children our "off-limits" to these school house predators. Therefore, we strongly advocate the imposition of maximum prison term on those educators that molest children.